WorkScreen, the new user-operated audiometric test system

WorkScreen, the new user-operated audiometric test system, makes hearing tests – essential to comply with Noise at Work Regulations – easier, simpler and safer for everyone involved in food production due to its unique no-contact approach.

Developed in the UK to make hearing tests more accessible for organisations of all size, the WorkScreen service works by delivering the handset to site, and then conducting the tests remotely. This means that testing can be conducted at any time of day and in any language, which has proved particularly popular with food producers. This is because tests can be conducted closer to the production line, 24/7 or between shifts and for staff of all nationalities without the use of expensive interpreters.

As well as simplifying direct costs, WorkScreen enables a flexible approach to scheduling which improves H&S compliance with testing: since potential scheduling conflicts between production and testing go away. Prior to using WorkScreen, some clients had reported up to 50% “no-show” rates for testing – increasing costs, ruining compliance and potentially putting staff at greater risk.

The simple to use, tablet-based system requires no specialist training and using the wireless, rechargeable, go-anywhere system also reduces COVID risk compared to traditional hearing test methods by removing the need to bring an external contractor onsite. Technology used in WorkScreen participates in the BSIF Registered Safety Supplier Scheme and the company has recently been recognised for innovation by Tomorrow’s Health & Safety and The Hearing Health Technology Innovation Awards from the USA.

Tom Parker , Director at WorkScreen says “Hearing tests are legally required for staff working in noise to control Noise Induced Hearing Loss. However, arranging tests can be difficult with COVID around, in addition to making this vital check more accessible, we also make it safer. The attraction for our clients is that they can take visible steps to protect their staff and reduce anxiety. Plus WorkScreen means lower costs, instant results and operational flexibility – you can take a test at any time for any number of people and arranging a test is as easy as making a phone call.”

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