EyeSens 3D- the smart 3D sensor

The triangulation-based 3D Sensor with up to 4000 3D Lines enables the user only by drag and drop programming to solve 3D tasks.

The easy to use EyeVision Software guarantees the user to create his solution within a few mouse clicks. Even the integration of the Sensor into a complete machine is very easy, based on the I4.0 the sensor supports Profinet, Modbus, MQTT and of course TCP/IP communication, as well as 2 24V PLC In- and Output lines as well as an encoder input for precise measurement.

The wider variety of functions for 3D evaluation in the point cloud, allows easy measurements, as well as angle determination and fast matching. This all without programming, it’s only necessary to select the right tool. The idea of the ready to use system was a cheap sensor like operation, with a reasonable price, starting at 4900,00 EUR all including, sensor and software.

The EyeSens 3D enables to implement many different applications such as error detection, Bin-Picking, sorting or measuring.

An easy access to the usability of the Software is the Demo Version, which is fully functional and with the downloadable examples the user can test it on stored Point Clouds. Of course, it’s possible also to operate on depth images to do additional tasks like code reading e.g. OCR. The fully integrated WebServer of the Software allows the user at any time, to do process monitoring from any point of the factory floor. The advanced protocol features of the software allow the vertical process integration into the SCADA architecture based on e.g. OPC UA or the direct data access via the SQL database access.www.evt-web.com