Mobile Hygienic Pump Kit For High Temperature Viscous Sauces

A traditional bakery established for over 50 years was looking to improve the way fruit Jams, Toffee Sauce, Fruit Curds and Whipped Cream were transferred into process at temperatures up to 110°C.

The current procedure was to transfer sauces via totes or buckets, however the customer wanted to improve their process and automate food transfer, reduce the likelihood of burns or accidents and eliminate manual lifting and tipping of containers.

We worked with the bakery to customise a hygienic mobile pump kit with control panel enabling an operator to easily start, stop, control flow & reverse sauce transfer with very little training.

Furthermore the pump kit was designed with built-in alarm, and controls to prevent accidental damage being performed to the pump.

Built in Hygienic Grade Stainless Steel, and with an internal finish to Ra 0.8um meant the kit was independently Hygienically Certified (3A), and suitable for automated cleaning and sterilisation (CIP & SIP) ensuring cross contamination was not experienced between batches.

The unit also featured a control panel and motor shroud cover in Stainless Steel, improving the ease and speed at which the unit could be cleaned.