Webinar: How to Validate and Test Conveyorized Metal Detection Systems

Join product inspection experts from METTLER TOLEDO on 27th April for a free webinar. The two 40 minute sessions (at 8am and 4pm UK time) will cover how to correctly validate your conveyorized metal detection system, and provide demonstrations of both standard performance tests and those required by retailers. Each session will also include best practice guidance and a live Q&A session.

This is a must-attend event if you are looking for guidance on any of the following:

  • Correct set-up and performance monitoring procedures
  • How many product passes should be completed to set up a metal detection system
  • How to conduct routine performance monitoring tests such as the consecutive pack test
  • How and when to complete the Memory Test and the Large Metal Test that major retailers may require
  • How to document test results to ensure full audit compliance

The webinar will begin with a discussion on commissioning your metal detection system and what is required to meet food industry standards. We will then explain initial validation procedures and discuss routine performance monitoring processes with presenter-led demonstrations for each. Our product inspection experts will cover the Consecutive Pack Test, Memory Test and Large Metal Test.

In addition to providing practical guidance on how to test your conveyorized metal detection system to achieve compliance with food safety standards and retailer codes of practice, the webinar will also discuss best practice examples that make compliance easier to achieve. A live Q&A session will follow the demonstrations giving you the opportunity to talk directly with our product experts.

This live webinar – How To Test Conveyorized Metal Detection Systems – is part of a new “How To…” series of educational, online events hosted by METTLER TOLEDO Product Inspection. These webinars are designed to help manufacturers to better understand how you can optimize the performance of your product inspection equipment. Our full programme of webinars is available to view at www.mt.com/webinars

To register for the live webinar on 27th April, follow this link.

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