Technology Adoption Grant: Making digital transformation affordable for manufacturing SMEs

A common problem for small to medium-sized manufacturers is that they need to transform (and they’re well aware of this), but they simply don’t have the budget to put this into action.

Implementing an all-encompassing software, in order to automate many processes, would facilitate this required transformation. However, it’s the implementation cost that is usually the pivotal stumbling block.

At Advanced, we provide such a system, which is called Business Cloud Essentials. In conjunction with this, we are currently offering a Technology Adoption Grant, which removes the aforementioned financial hurdle.

By enjoying free installation of the solution, you are suddenly equipped with the tools needed to achieve your desired level of sustainability and growth.

What is Business Cloud Essentials?

Business Cloud Essentials (BCE) is a Business Management software, which is tailored specifically for manufacturing SMEs. It is a cloud-based system, meaning all of your data can be accessed at any time and from anywhere (which has become even more important during the pandemic).

It unifies all functions of your organisation, including finance, CRM, sales, inventory, payroll and e-commerce, providing a seamless experience for end users. This level of automation and control ensures you worry less about firefighting and instead focus on the things that really add value.

BCE falls within the Software-as-a-Service bracket, and the pricing model is a monthly subscription. This method of payment helps with cashflow. It also eradicates any unwanted and costly surprises, because updates and support are included with the monthly fee.

The benefits of having all of your operational information in one place cannot be overstated, as it allows for cohesion, consistency and accuracy. Business Cloud Essentials is designed to be scalable too, so when you start to expand, you’ll do so without the discomfort that normally comes with fast growth.

What is the Technology Adoption Grant?

During our latest Annual Trends Survey, 46% of people who completed the survey said that cost is the main factor holding them back (when it comes to modernising their systems). At Advanced, our purpose is to empower businesses, and we truly understand the importance of embracing new technology.

The positive impact of Business Management software is staggering, especially for smaller organisations. This is why we have put in place a Technology Adoption Grant, which consists of a £1m fund to be used by British businesses.

The existence of the fund means that for a limited time only, we will be offering free implementation of Business Cloud Essentials.

Adopting a new system that is set up specifically for your requirements normally requires an investment. But we are offering this free of charge, as we are aware of how transformational it can be for those that need it.

You’ll additionally be provided with a dedicated onboarding manager, who will optimise the software for you even further.

If you want to take advantage of this grant before the offer ends, give us a call on 0330 404 8212. Or feel free to get in touch if you simply want to learn more about Business Cloud Essentials and the Technology Adoption Grant. We can provide you with a demo to show you exactly what BCE looks like, how easy it is to use, and how it will benefit your business.