More than a century of steam control

For 110+ years, Horne Engineering Ltd has pioneered thermostatic control technology using steam and hot water for a variety of storage and process applications across a variety of industries: food and drink production, brewing, dairy, abattoirs, chemical manufacturing, pharmaceutical and cosmetics production, industrial laundries and dishwashing, as well as for packaging processing and manufacture.

For large volume, instantaneous hot water production, for wash-down or rapid vat/tank filling applications, use the Horne Steam-Water Mixing Valve.  Both thermostatic and pressure balanced, the SWM1 is the world’s safest, most accurate and reliable valve of its type for delivering non-storage, temperature controlled hot water.

The Horne Steam Injection Heater, SIH, is often used in conjunction with the Horne EA-1 ‘Standard Valve’.  As the world’s first automatic steam control valve, invented in 1909, the EA-1 provides accurate temperature control of hot water storage vessels.  The SIH enables very rapid and highly efficient heating of cold water; tiny bubbles of steam are injected directly into the cold water where they collapse, releasing both real and latent heat.  The steam bubbles are sized such that the SIH operates with minimal noise and vibration and, because there are no moving parts, it requires zero maintenance.