Environmental solutions for optimal production

In the majority of production facilities, control and maintenance of the indoor environment is critical to not just productivity but also staff wellbeing and product quality. Moreover, in the current times, control of environmental parameters such as ventilation underpin the establishment of a Covid-safe workplace.

Additionally, these criteria need to be addressed whilst minimising energy consumption and carbon emission – for both financial and environmental reasons. And, of course, as every production facility has its own characteristics, there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution.

With over 70 years’ experience in this sector, Hoval is a leader in the provision of indoor climate systems for production facilities, with solutions encompassing heat sources, ventilation with heat recovery and optimised control.

In addressing the issues facing the sector, Hoval’s solutions for food processing and production facilities not only deliver high efficiency products linked to sophisticated control systems, they are also inherently flexible to meet current needs and changing needs in the future.

Modular HVAC

Hoval’s modular ventilation, heating and cooling systems comprise units distributed within the space and mounted on the ceiling or in the roof, depending on the building structure and layout. They are linked to sensors and controls that ensure ventilation rates are demand-driven, thereby aligning ventilation rates to air quality requirements.

Hoval indoor climate systems create a comfortable climate and always ensure fresh air. By guiding the air streams separately in the plate heat exchanger, dirt and odours from the extract air are diverted directly outside, preventing contamination of the supply air.

The range encompasses a number of designs of decentralised, modular ventilation units to suit the layout of the space and ensure optimum air distribution. These units also incorporate Hoval’s Air-Injector technology, which underpins efficient air distribution with relatively low flow rates, reducing both investment and lifecycle costs.

Further savings can be achieved through the use of Hoval Enventus rotary heat exchangers, capable of energy recovery rates of 70-90%.

Heat sources

Hoval manufactures a wide range of boilers in a wide range capacities and heat outputs – for applications ranging from low temperature hot water through to steam boilers for process heating.

Hoval’s industrial boiler range provides complete system solutions for steam and hot water applications. It includes steam boilers in capacities from 500kg/h to 22,000kg/h in 10, 13 and 16 bar options, as well as high temperature boilers with thermal outputs from 500kW to 21,000kW.

For lower temperature applications, such as wash-downs, Hoval’s range covers a wide choice.

These include the renowned UltraGas® range of gas-fired condensing boilers in capacities from 15kW to 2300kW, all featuring high efficiency with low emissions at all outputs thanks to their innovative aluFer® heat exchanger design and modulating premix burners. The latest addition to the UltraGas® range is the UltraGas® (1550) – a 1550kW boiler with a remarkably small footprint for its output, of just 3.3m2.

The range also includes gas and oil fired steel shell boilers in capacities from 401kW to 4200kW

Energy recovery from process air

Hoval ProcessVent floor-standing units, combined with an extract air purification plant, are ideal for recovering energy from process air. They are available with a choice of a heating/cooling coil for supplemental heating or cooling of the fresh air, or in recirculation operation. They use the integrated control to work both in conjunction with the extract air purification plant or autonomously. This means that each unit can be tailored to each operating condition.

As a specialist in universal systems for heating, cooling and ventilation, Hoval assists its customers at every stage of the system lifecycle at their facility – from planning and operation right through to modernisation. In doing so, the company helps its customers to benefit from energy-efficient solutions and first-class air quality both today and tomorrow.