Simple efficiency for process automation with low cost level and pressure devices

New compact VEGABAR pressure sensors and VEGAPOINT level switches mean VEGA can now offer a full-range of process automation for level and pressure. They now range from highly specified transmitters, to these new, simpler lower-priced instruments designed for standard applications – yet still in line with the latest industry demands and based on a pedigree of quality, robust reliability and performance.

New standard sensors with a focus on hygiene

In many process areas, simple, affordable and effective automation sensors for efficiency improvements are often the key requirement. To meet this, VEGA has introduced a new compact point level and pressure instrument series.  They are designed to be simple and highly efficient – without sacrificing dependability, hygiene or accuracy.

Standard fittings help with stocks and spares

A hygienic ‘universal adapter system’ can be flexibly selected and fitted according to individual application needs and if necessary, quickly exchanged between devices. It is fully compatible across these new pressure and level switches. The sensors and fittings are also designed to be compatible with intense CIP processes, and their construction and surface finishes comply to industry approvals and standards.

Visible all around: larger display and illuminated 360° switch status

The sensor development is focused on simple use; this includes fast and easy indication. As well as a large easy to read text and bar-graph display for the pressure sensors in the range, a 360° extra bright status display means level and pressure switching states can be quickly seen on the plant. This ultra-bright LED ring, which has 256 freely selectable colours, remains clearly visible, even in broad daylight. This immediately and efficiently shows operators both the switch and process status.

Fit for the future with IO-Link

The devices all feature IO-Link options, this enables sensor settings to be stored and re-written to devices by the master or the controller if a sensor replacement is made, reducing set-up mistakes and reducing down time. This ensures less set up mistakes,  more optimal utilisation of the machines and increased process speed – delivering noticeable savings and higher product quality.

Bluetooth for faster set-up and adjustment

All these devices, like many others in the VEGA instrument range, can be quickly and easily set up using Bluetooth and VEGA Tools App for Android and iOS. In environments where access is difficult, perhaps social distancing and touch point reduction is in place, or the working environment is just plain in-hospitable! …this wireless communication for set up and maintenance – even possible in ATEX areas – can be invaluable for safer, faster and easier device operation.

Future-oriented automation

Hygienic design, economic modularisation, high availability and easy operation means greater process efficiency. Backed by decades of experience, and VEGA build-quality, it offers affordable ground-breaking level and pressure measurement technology for the automation and monitoring of production systems.   Combined with online pricing, configuration and ordering and speedy supply at it makes a great package from a single source for all your level and pressure requirements.

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