TeraFlash smart – World record speed: up to 1600 pulse traces/s

The TeraFlash smart replaces the traditional mechanical delay with an “ultrafast” electronic one and acquires 1600 pulse traces per second. Typical industrial applications for terahertz technology are spectroscopy, non-destructive testing and industrial quality control. TOPTICA’s TeraFlash smart utilizes a proprietary scheme dubbed ECOPS (“electronically controlled optical sampling”). The system comprises two synchronized femtosecond lasers, eliminating the need for a mechanical delay. This results in extremely high measurement speeds: the TeraFlash smart acquires 1600 complete terahertz waveforms per second, enabling terahertz-based thickness gauging at unprecedented speed. The system thus lends itself to measurements on rapidly moving samples, e.g. conveyor belts, papermaking machines, or extrusion lines.

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