One solution provides every advantage

With its RTR 500 series, T&D Corporation presents a data logger solution that can be easily adapted to individual monitoring needs Niddatal (Germany), June 2015 – “Let the cloud work for you” is a slogan that inspired T&D Corporation to develop a range of new products and services: The Japanese market leader for wireless data logger systems presents the
RTR 500 product family, which can be used to create tailor made systems. It consists of wireless data loggers, devices for communication and data collection as well as cloud services and software. Networked data logger systems simplify procedures and allow error-free access to measured data at any time and from any place. Data loggers therefore not only help to safeguard goods, processes and facilities, but also ensure accurate documentation of compliance with legal regulations.

RTR 500 series compact data loggers monitor many different parameters, including temperature, humidity, voltage, mA (4-20mA), pulse, UV, illuminance and CO2. The base station, available in wireless, GSM, USB and Ethernet models, automatically aggregates the data from remote units within a 150 metre free air range, or longer distances strengthened through a repeater. There’s no need to install cabling or to travel to collect data, and the base station also performs automated alarm monitoring via email, SMS or App messaging. A handheld data collector makes it easy to retrieve data on the spot, and T&D also offers free of charge cloud computing tools. The T&D WebStorage Service, for instance, enables unlimited access to current readings, recorded data, current conditions such as battery levels and radio signal strength in easy-to-read graphs or tables. Each registered user may upload and store up to 20 MB of data per account. A newly added auto archiving function makes sure that data files are zipped and archived before this limit is reached.


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