Dimpled Cross-Section Heat Exchanger Breaks Up Laminar Flow!

The R & D team at Teralba Industries never rest on their laurels of producing one of the most efficient and effective tubular heat exchangers in world – Dimpleflo™.

Constantly striving to increase heat transfer co-efficients, they use different configurations of dimples at various depths, to produce the optimum heat exchanger for viscous and fouling products. Utilizing dimples to disturb laminar flow behaviours, these turbulence enhancing deformations generate eddies and vortices that have an added benefit of minimising fouling – particularly in UHT and high temperature processing applications where fouling and burn-on can be an issue in conventional double tube heat exchangers.

The attached photo gives some understanding of the way Dimples induce turbulence in a viscous jam-based product. With over 30 years’ experience in the design and manufacture of Dimpleflo™ there is heat exchanger to heat and/or cool any product!

For further information please contact Greg Haak at Teralba industries. 1300 20 70 20 Greg.haak@teralba.com