Connecting 20 years of Advantra® technology

It is a big anniversary year for Advantra® packaging adhesives, and we at H.B. Fuller are excited to present a new product line and adhesives-related consulting services to our customers, partners and the packaging industry.

“Our Advantra® technology was a game-changer when it was launched 20 years ago and, today, continues to lead the field of hot melt technology. We’re taking our capabilities to the next level to enhance food safe packaging as well as drive production efficiencies. In the coming months, we will introduce our new Advantra® SMART product line and FullVisionTM consulting service. These products and services, developed by H.B. Fuller’s adhesive experts, will give our customers the capability they need to truly differentiate their packaging lines,” says Martin Riswick, business director, EIMEA Packaging Solutions.

The Advantra® SMART product line brings together the proven benefits of water-white hot melt technology, clean and precise application, strong bonding performance, and versatility for use on various packaging types at different speeds. Our developers have taken great care in the selection of raw materials with current and future regulation in mind to ensure that Advantra® technology and our new Advantra® SMART product line is food safe now and for years to come.

This smart adhesive technology pairs perfectly with our new consulting service, FullVisionTM, which can help packaging manufacturers boost adhesive performance. Our on-demand, web-based technology analyses adhesive dispensing data, generating a detailed and user-friendly report. This quality and productivity report is the starting point for taking a data-driven approach to H.B. Fuller’s FullVisionTM consulting service, where customers are advised on how to improve adhesive placement and drive other adhesive-related improvements on the line.

Customers also enjoy the superior service that lies at the heart of the Advantra® brand – experts who can fine-tune performance on-site and access to off-site testing, training and innovative solutions at the company’s state-of-the-art Adhesive Academy in Lüneburg, Germany.

“When you add in Advantra®s food safety compliance and the supply assurance you’d expect from a global adhesive manufacturer, you’re already looking at a complete solution that offers significant benefits to businesses,” adds Riswick.

Now in our 20th anniversary year, those benefits are going to be even more powerful. Connect with our experts today at and discover the difference Advantra® SMART and FullVisionTM can make to the speed and efficiency of your packaging line!

Advantra® is a trademark of H.B. Fuller Company (“H.B. Fuller”) or an affiliated company of H.B. Fuller, and is registered in the European Community and other countries.