Davall Stock Gears offers stainless steel gear boxes

Davall Stock Gears introduces mooth,full stainless steel housing gear boxes,designed for the harshest of environmental applications.The gearboxes ar eideally suited for food or drink preparation sites.Both ranges are constructed with a stainless steel housing (304), and designed to be close coupled to a B14 face mounting stainless steel AC motor accepting either IEC or NEMA frame motors, and are available dimensioned in either metric or inch. These gearboxes are available in two gear geometrics, either in-line helical reduction (co-axial) or worm and wormwheel reduction (right angle).

The gearboxes are designed to ensure a minimum maintenance regime. The worm unit has two bearings on the worm line and two bearings on the wheel (output) line, to ensure maximum power transmission capacity. The two styles of gearboxes have a choice of reduction ratios available, worm gearing from 7:1 up to 100:1 and helical gearing from 3:1 up to 60:1 and power ratings from 0.18Kw up to 4Kw.

The high efficient in-line coaxial helical unit is fitted with a stainless steel output shaft, and the worm unit is available with a stainless female sleeve, with an option of a plug-in male shaft.

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