A lubrication expert from Total has revealed almost a third (28 per cent) of food manufacturing equipment failure is a result of inadequate lubricant maintenance and incorrect lubrication, with the likely impact potentially running into millions of pounds for UK businesses.

Improper lubrication, including using the wrong oil or not using enough oil, leads to increased friction and greater wear, which can lead to breakdown and downtime, and can ultimately impact bottom lines.

Bob Wood, a Technical Engineer at Total Lubricants, made the calculation based on his vast industry knowledge and over four decades of experience at Total.

Bob also estimates that on average just one per cent of an industrial plant’s overall maintenance budget is allocated to lubricants.

He said: “The lubricants that food manufacturing equipment require to keep it operating smoothly represent a fraction of the cost of the equipment itself, however, it is important this vital maintenance function is undertaken, with condition monitoring for critical equipment, including oil analysis, vibration analysis and thermography, being carried out regularly.

“Almost a third of food manufacturing equipment failure, and the associated costs from unplanned downtime and reactive maintenance, could be prevented by having an effective and proactive lubrication strategy in place – It is better to identify problems before they occur, especially when the costs associated with downtime and lost productivity can run into the thousands, and potentially millions of pounds.

“We work closely with food manufacturing businesses to help them devise optimum lubrication strategies, and provide oil analysis, to help extend equipment lifetime, enhance productivity and improve health and safety.”

As a leading global manufacturer and marketer of engine oils and lubricants, Total Lubricants offers a range of products developed specifically for over 400 industrial applications.

Total’s high-quality products and value-added services, together with its UK presence and full national coverage, are backed by dedicated sales and technical support.

The TOTAL NEVASTANE range of food-safe lubricants meets the NSF H1 Standard and is compliant with ISO 21469 for food safety. The range contains no compounds of animal origin, no allergens or GMO ingredients and is Halal and Kosher certified.

TOTAL ANAC INDUS is Total’s oil analysis service, which utilises expert diagnostic and preventative information to help identify and prevent machinery health issues, and TIG 6, its optimised maintenance software for managing industrial lubricants.

For further information and to find out how Total’s products and added-value services can benefit your business, visit: www.total.co.uk/businessproducts/industrial-lubricants. Alternatively contact 01977 636303 or email: lubesorders@total.co.uk.

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