Small but mighty clever – New Cat® 1.4-2.0 tonne 48V electrics

The new range of Cat 1.4 to 2.0 tonne 48V electric counterbalance trucks are a perfect choice if you require a truck that delivers agile performance in tight spaces. Compact, highly manoeuvrable, and packed with intelligent control systems, their behaviour automatically adapts to your drivers’ wishes and needs.

Tuned in to the driver

Using the latest electronic controllers and sensors, software and multiple algorithms, Cat EP14- 20A(C)N(T) makes driving and load handling easier, steadier, safer and more comfortable. Drivers feel the machine is totally in tune with them, which makes them happier, confident and much more productive. Central to this driving experience is the Cat Responsive Drive System (RDS). Monitoring and instantly reacting to changes in the speed of pedal movement, RDS constantly adjusts performance parameters so all actions are smoothly controlled – including starts and stops.

Optimised steering

Advanced curve control enables drivers to achieve fast, safe cornering speeds in any situation. Manoeuvrability is maximised by dual drive ‘4-wheel steering’. The truck can be driven sideways without having to push back first, thanks to a +100° rear turning axle and a 360° steering option allows trucks to turn and face the opposite direction (180°) without stopping.

Technology-driven Lowest Cost of Ownership

Uniquely, electronic magnetic brakes now come fitted as standard across the entire range. With no conventional brake pads, this system produces no brake dust and removes the subsequent risk of contamination, making them ideally suited to sensitive environments. A lack of pads also reduces servicing expenditure and delivers improved energy efficiency.

Clever details can be found across the ergonomically optimised trucks, such as low-fatigue pedals and a steering knob which automatically returns to 8 o’clock whenever the truck straightens, even when forced past its end stop.

If that wasn’t enough, an extensive range of options include a compact chassis, 3 or 4-wheel configuration. These compact machines really do punch well above their weight, combining high-tech brains with remarkable brawn in a very attractive package.

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