Ensuring the quality and safety of your food

In the food industry, analytical solutions are essential to ensure high quality and safety of the product during and after production process. View below application notes and analysis handbooks to learn how Shimadzu can help you identify food contaminants, allergens, toxins and many more, meeting the demands of the high-throughput food and beverage QA/QC laboratories.


Multi-Residue Analysis of 18 Regulated Mycotoxins by LC/MS/MS

A single method for analysis of 18 regulated mycotoxins with an injection to injection cycle time of 12.5 minutes and achieving the required EU reporting limits of 0.1 -10 μg/kg.


Analysis of Mycotoxins in Grain Using Mycotoxin Screening System

HPLC based screening system allows for easy screening of target compounds and identification of whether the mycotoxins present in the samples are in excess and violation of reference levels, without the need for complex analysis of results by the user.



Quantitative Analysis of Highly Polar Pesticides in Food Using SFC/MS

Analysis of highly polar pesticides using LC/MS/MS requires a variety of separation methods. The supercritical fluid chromatography (SFC) has the advantage of being able to separate a wide array of chemical compounds at once due to the characteristics of the mobile phase that is used.


Easy Screening for Residual Pesticides in Foods using GC-MS

Simple method using Quick-DB pesticides database and QuEChERS pre-treated samples spiked with 138 pesticides.


Expanding Capabilities in Multi-Residue Pesticide Analysis Using the LCMS-8060

A fast, selective and highly sensitive method for the quantitation of 646 pesticides using a single method with 1,919 transitions (3 MRM per compound) and LC gradient time of only 10.5 minutes.



High Sensitivity Analysis of Peanut Allergen in Cumin and Spice Mix

A high sensitivity triple quadrupole mass spectrometry method for the analysis of the peanut allergen Ara h1 in spices and seasonings, allowing for the detection of 2 ppm or lower.


Simultaneous analysis of major allergens in food matrices by high sensitive mass spectrometer

A method containing 150 MRMs for 31 peptides of 13 allergenic proteins identi­fied in 8 foods including cooked meal.


Method Packages

LC/MS/MS Method Package for Residual Pesticides

World’s largest compound panel – 646 pesticides in a single 10.5 min long method


LC/MS/MS Method Package for Aminoglycoside Antibiotics

A complete solution for quantitation and confi­rmation of aminoglycosides in meat, eggs and milk


LC/MS/MS Method Package for Mycotoxins

The package contains seven different analytical method conditions and fully optimized MRM transitions for a total of 27 different mycotoxins.

LC/MS/MS Method Package for Veterinary Drugs

Ready to use as well as easy customised methods for the analysis of veterinary drugs


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