Why Lyophilisation Training Courses are a Lab Essential

Having well trained personnel for your lyophilisation processing helps ensure the best results for your projects, productivity and pocket.

Training in any field is essential for new comers and hugely beneficial for those who have been working in an industry for any length of time in terms of refreshing knowledge in-line with the most up to date techniques and technology, yet it often remains considered a ‘luxury’. While there is always the ability to learn on the job, this doesn’t ensure that employees acquire the most up to date, or, even correct information. Some companies have been using lyophilisation technologies for decades without questioning inherited formulations or cycles; it isn’t uncommon to find an organisation using one formulation for several product cycles!

Lyophilisation is a complex science and as a result, personnel with extensive experience are rare; additionally, the equipment necessary to freeze dry is a significant capital investment for any lab and/or business. Learning the intricacies of the technology results in producing the best results in the most efficient manner.

It is strongly recommended that those utilising lyophilisation technology consider the advantages of embracing technological advances along with options to improve processes and how that benefits product results and the bottom line. This is where the value of training is most apparent. If an organisation is making the capital investment in lyophilisation equipment, doesn’t it make sense to educate the users involved too?

With nearly 30 years of experience in the industry, Biopharma Group (including BPS Crowthorne) offers scheduled courses each year in the UK, Ireland, USA and Europe along with options such as customised courses, on-site courses and webinars to ensure that your training needs are met.

To receive details about training course schedules, or discuss customised options,

contact Sally Potentier: btl@biopharma.co.uk


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