Master Lock offers dedicated solutions for the food processing industry

The Food Processing industry is not only charged with manufacturing safe food products, but also providing employees with safe working conditions. This dual mandate makes the selection of Lockout Tagout products critically important. Frequent chemical wash downs on equipment and machinery are common in Food Processing and necessitate corrosion resistance. Lockout product performance is critical in order to maintain worker safety in varying environmental conditions; from temperature extremes to harsh chemical exposure.
Master Lock offers fully customized compliant safety lockout systems designed to ensure safety for workers. The wide variety of safety padlocks and devices effectively meet the demands and conditions where lockout is performed in these settings:

SAFETY PADLOCKS are made of durable aluminum and developed specifically to resist corrosion and extreme temperatures. They use FDA approved lubricants safe for use in food processing and are available in various keying options to fit your facility’s needs: keyed different (KD), keyed alike (KA) and master keyed (MK).


SAFETY LOCKOUT HASPS are perfect for group lockout, they keep equipment inoperative while repairs or adjustments are made. Control cannot be turned on until last worker’s padlock is removed from hasp. Durable steel construction makes them suitable for the food industry

METAL DETECTABLE TAGS clearly present safety messages to employees and visitors. Made of industrial-grade polypropylene blended with a metal additive that permits detection during screening. Hold up to UV, temperature extremes and abrasive materials. Possibility to add company logo or photo ID.


This selection of Master Lock Safety products represent items particularly suited for the lockout during maintenance at Food Processing facilities.

More info on Master Lock: Master Lock was founded in 1921 and is the world’s largest manufacturer of padlocks. The company caters for a wide variety of markets and has been responsible for numerous innovations, including the invention of the laminated steel padlock. More information available at Connect with Master Lock via Linked in or YouTube

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