X-Press SuperCustom press brake for sheet metal deep-box bending

Manufacturing of food equipment becomes easier

Gasparini introduces its new X-Press SuperCustom with a 1300-mm daylight and 900-mm tool adapters. It’s a bespoke press brake, dedicated to the production of very deep boxes, up to 600-mm and more. This machine is especially useful for manufacturing of food processing equipment, tanks, cabinets, home appliances, catering equipment, and so on. Extended daylight and repositionable tool adapters allows to easily bend even the biggest sheet metal products.

The machine frame has been redesigned and reinforced to combine the versatility provided by the ample front daylight with greater structural strength. Tool adapters can be freely moved along the entire ram to match any type of box or profile. Thanks to integrated pipe-less pneumatic connection, rearranging tool adapters is incredibly easy. Even with small batch production and frequent tool changes, time losses are reduced to a minimum.

Gasparini’s accurate ACSG2 real-time crowning guarantees a constant angle along the entire profile length, with no “canoe” effect regardless of material variability. The system actively reacts to frame deflections, which are dynamically corrected. Bend accuracy is ensured by the GPS4 angle control system. Thanks to the patented sensor, samples and tests are no longer needed to correct springback, even on stainless steels.

X-Press SuperCustom is Industry 4.0 ready and can be made in any tonnage and size, with bespoke daylight and stroke. Some of its available options are: 3D file import, wireless foot pedal, Telelink remote assistance, front supports, multi-axis backgauge with sheet supports, sheet followers, and much more.

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