The weather DOES eventually change

Looking at the weather today it seems impossible to think that staff will soon be at the manager’s office requesting cooling, or indeed fresh air! The weather DOES eventually change!

We offer cooling to commercial and industrial premises, and now with evaporative cooling available without hygiene-related problems, it may be more achievable and easier than you think, as both installation and running costs are substantially lower than traditional air conditioning units.

These units are more energy efficient and cheaper to run when compared with standard ducted refrigerated systems; they deliver 100% fresh air and are easier and cheaper to install than other systems.

Supplying fresh, clean air (thereby reducing the chance of Sick Building Syndrome or other airborne problems) they are healthier for the environment too – drastically reducing power usage, with no harmful emissions and no synthetic refrigerants, ultimately meaning they are easier to maintain.

An improved working environment enables employees to work to their optimum; temperatures can be cooled to product-specific requirements with ‘spot’ cooling or site-wide cooling projects available.

Now is the time to be assessing the solutions available to resolve historical issues – and scheduling your installations ready for the cooling season! We welcome your call on 03330 063277

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