mWeston Handling, (WH), starts 2024 adding two new Materials Handling ranges to it’s already wide-ranging portfolio of specialist Reel & Roll Handling equipment.

WH has also partnered with leading UK Asset financer, MAF Finance, to enable customers to spread the cost of essential materials handling equipment, over several years.

In the first addition, WH signed a distribution agreement with Italian Reel & Roll Handling truck manufacturer, BESCO, to sell not only their wide-ranging standard Roll Handling trucks, but also custom-built materials handling trucks and systems.

The second addition to the WH portfolio, came with a similar agreement with Italian Materials Handling and Web Tension specialist, Renova, to sell an innovative range of Reel, Drum and Cart Pushers, alongside compact, battery powered Tug units.

BESCO Reel Trolleys are also some of the best-known reel handling trolleys available and are being supplied as standard by leading machine builders due to their reliability and strength. Weston Handling now offers both manual and fully powered BESCO Reel Trolleys, worldwide, with capacities of up to 2000Kg and customers in Europe, North America, South America and the Middle East.

Renova srl offer a wide range of standard and custom pedestrian controlled Roll Pushers, Cart/Trolley movers and Tug units.

With a thrust force up to 100 tons, this product line reduces risks for the operator according to the Technical Standards ISO 11228 “Ergonomic Manual handling”.

Compact, simple to use, and heavy-duty, Renova’s Roll Mover allows agile handling of cylindrical loads, such as Paper Reels, Cable Drums, Truck Wheels, etc. The units are intuitive, easy to use, and can be operated without a license and even work in narrow spaces where forklifts are either not appropriate, or impossible to use.

Renova’s Movicart™ MTE Tug units are robust and powerful, handy electric tugs, designed to safely move wheeled loads up to 1500 kg without any efforts for the operator. Oversized tractive wheels and swivel rear wheels allow the Movicart™ MTE to operate both indoor and outdoor with ease, even on irregular surfaces.

MAF Finance Group is a nationwide finance broker, with a highly experienced 50+ strong team of finance experts and industry specialists spanning construction, manufacturing, healthcare, agriculture and renewables, fleet management and vehicle leasing.

Managing director, Stephen Weston, commented on the significance of the new partnerships to WH, “Weston Handling has always been a leading innovator in specialist Reel and Roll Handling applications, with a blue-chip, international clientele. This has been recognised by the MAF Finance Group, who are keen to work with suppliers and end users to facilitate the purchase of vital equipment when it is needed”.

All of the Weston Handling range, including the new additions, are available fitted with the unique ACKBelt Anti-Crush Kick-Belt™ System, which improves Anti-Crush Safety of powered pedestrian trucks by typically, over 800%!

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