Unifiller Systems

The MultiStation is one of our most versatile portioning machines. Capable of precise portions, in single or multi-row configurations, and capable of both relatively viscous or liquid products with or without chunks. Gareth Gillings, Business Development Manager of our UK Unifiller Systems office, provides insights into the practical benefits and processes that automation brings to single-serve tart production specifically within the UK market.

Gillings underscores the overarching benefits of the MultiStation Depositor, …”the high-speed capabilities mean more tarts produced in less time, meeting consumer demands during peak periods. Automation reduces reliance on manual labor for repetitive tasks. This not only cuts down on labor costs but also allows skilled bakers to focus on more intricate aspects of the baking process, fostering creativity and innovation.”

Utilizing an automated piece of equipment in a Bakery allows agility in a dynamic market environment where trends come and go with the seasons. The heavy lifting remains with the machine, so bakers and their R&D department can experiment with new flavours, designs and emerging trends.

In the pragmatic context of UK bakeries, the MultiStation Depositor reflects a measured approach to the integration of automation. As it redefines any application it portions, such as single-serve tart and pastry production, bakeries embracing this technology are not only streamlining their operations but positioning themselves for a more efficient and sustainable future. With 11 years of development under its integrated-conveyor-belt, learn how to quickly and easily it is to incorporate it into any production or packaging line. All that’s left is to find out if a MultiStation is a good fit for your product.

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