Unifiller Systems

Unifiller Systems is a leading manufacturer of portioning and depositing equipment for the food industry. The company’s products are widely used in the UK food and bakery market, where they have gained a reputation for their ability to reduce food waste, increase production yields and promote eco-friendly packaging.

Gareth Gillings, Business Development Manager at Unifiller Systems, highlights the advantages of their versatile portioning equipment, specially designed for plant-based products:

“In the world of plant-based food production, Unifiller Systems offers versatile solutions for portioning various products; our equipment is engineered to accommodate a wide range of ingredients, making it ideal for the diverse and rapidly growing plant-based food market.”

“Our systems can accurately portion plant-based meat alternatives, dairy-free desserts, and more. Whether it’s legumes, grains, vegetables, or alternative protein sources, our machines are tested to handle the unique characteristics of plant-based ingredients.”

Customizability is at the core of Unifiller’s portioning equipment. The versatile nature of our machines from the attachments we use or the base models we offer, allows any adjustments needed to produce a wide variety of offerings to be possible.

“Our machines are designed to maintain the integrity of plant-based ingredients, preserving their quality throughout the portioning process. This is crucial for delivering plant-based products that not only taste great but also have the desired appearance and texture.”

At Unifiller, we work closely with plant-based food producers to provide tailored portioning solutions that enhance efficiency and product quality. By using our equipment, businesses can meet the demands of the growing plant-based food market while ensuring consistency and versatility in their production processes.

Website: www.unifiller.com