Gareth Gillings, Business Development Manager at Unifiller Systems, emphasizes the advantages of their layered food production lines, specifically tailored for products like lasagna, layer dips, and parfaits. Layered foods are a rapidly expanding industry segment in the UK, which is an area that Unifiller have heavily invested in for some time. Due to their investment and technical capabilities, Unifiller have been providing robust solutions to its client base for many years. There is a large selection of attachments and nozzles that couple with our machines, offering significant versatility. This allows Unifiller to offer a varied flexibility and product optimisation. He highlights the following benefits of automating the production process:

Our systems are designed to pump, portion, and spread layers seamlessly, ensuring continuous production. The versatility of automated systems allows Unifiller equipment to handle various ingredients and configurations. From sauces like tomato sauce, alfredo sauce, cheese, bolognese, salsa, and sour cream to delicate creams and custards, Unifiller machines can handle a wide range of food items with ease.

“Our layered food production lines are equipped to handle particulates, ensuring that even products with textured ingredients are processed without compromising the quality of layering.”

“Customizability is a key aspect of our layered food production lines. Additional features such as spreader nozzles, agitators, and more can be added based on specific production requirements, providing a tailored solution for each customer.”

“Our machines are designed to perform exceptionally well in cold environments, ensuring that the quality and integrity of the layered food products are maintained throughout the production process.”

Gareth Gillings concludes, “At Unifiller Systems, we work closely with our customers to configure our layered food production lines to meet their unique needs. By automating the production process, businesses can achieve increased efficiency, consistency, and product quality while reducing labor costs and optimizing resources.”

Website: www.unifiller.com