Intelligent format changeovers

More efficiency, speed and reliability in the beverage can packaging process: KHS has automated the product infeed and formatting on its packing systems in the Innopack Advanced series and Innopal PB palletizers with robot grouping. This makes the switch to new products much faster and simpler than processes involving manual format changeovers. Up to 30 minutes can therefore be saved per format conversion. At the same time, a constant setting accuracy during changeovers increases the degree of reproducibility.

With the beverage industry undergoing dynamic development, the demands made of bottlers regarding fast reaction times in the adaptation of primary and secondary packaging are increasing. At the same time, with extended setting options available the complexity of packaging machines is also growing, as is the use of format parts. KHS is meeting these challenges with an automation concept that not only reduces the time and effort needed for machine conversions to other products or packaging styles but also makes them more reliable and efficient.

Greater efficiency on KHS packers

Partly automated format changeovers can be easily implemented on practically all packaging systems in the Innopack Advanced series. During the development thereof, the experts at KHS initially concentrated on the product infeed and formatting process modules that usually involve a relatively high amount of conversion work for the operator. For instance, at the machine infeed the containers are fed to the packaging segment through lanes with railings. When a new format is to be run, the user has to release and adapt between 30 and 50 adjustment points on the lane railings depending on the can diameter. With the partly automated format changeover concept this is done at the press of a button, meaning that all that remains to be done is to ensure that there are no containers in the infeed during the changeover. Furthermore, the adjustment units are now motorized and operated automatically.

Full automation during palletizing

On the Innopal PB palletizer with robot grouping KHS has already fully automated format changeovers. These are now performed at the press of a button, likewise with complex formats. In addition to the automated systems already available, the centering systems on all variants in the Innopal PB series can be equipped with servomotors with immediate effect. This saves time during conversion and enables the grouped packs to be collated and placed on the pallet with the utmost precision. As clamping jaw changeovers on the grouping robots, pusher width adjustment and guide adjustment are now all automated, no more manual intervention is needed on the palletizing machine. This increases operational safety.

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