Pouch Machine Introduces Innovative M7R Spout Machine with Carousel Loading for Corner Spout Pouches

Pouch Machine, a global supplier of premade pouch machinery, proudly announces the launch of its latest addition to the M7 range: the M7R Spout Machine. Specially designed and engineered for corner spout pouches, the M7R Spout Machine features the world’s first “Carousel Spout Loader.” This unique design allows for easy operator loading, precise placement, and space-saving compared to traditional conveyor or rail loading systems.

Manufactured in both Canada and the UK, the M7R Spout Machine’s core consists of a servo-driven 4-station rotary indexing head, automating the packaging process at an impressive line speed of up to 25 pouches per minute. With a compact footprint of 3.6 m2 and locking casters, it easily integrates into existing production lines, making it an ideal solution for companies in the food, pharmaceutical, and consumer goods sectors.

A standout feature of the M7R Spout Machine is its compatibility with different spout pouch formats, from laminations to plastic-free recyclable materials. It can also accommodate both rail and no-rail type spouts in various sizes. With its innovative design and versatility, the M7R Spout Machine is set to transform the corner spout pouch industry and contribute to businesses’ bottom line.

The M7R Spout Machine’s modular design provides flexibility to optionally accommodate various sizes and formats of Doy pouches. Its ease of setup and operation, coupled with a 7-inch colour touchscreen, multilevel password access, and 3D graphics, ensures a user-friendly experience. Additionally, the filling section is IP66-rated for low-pressure washdowns.

Rapid expansion in the spout pouch industry has highlighted the need for efficient equipment to meet rising demand. This growth is fuelled by consumers’ increasing preference for convenient and sustainable packaging, as well as a surge in demand across various end-use industries. The versatility and customization options of spout pouches make them an ideal choice for packaging a wide range of products, such as baby food, beverages, sauces, personal care items, and household cleaning products. Furthermore, the ability to minimize material waste and reduce transportation costs adds to the appeal of spout pouches for both manufacturers and consumers.

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