A specialist high performance range of food grade lubricants

Our specialist NUTRITEC range is designed to meet the demands of industrial food-processing equipment, being carefully formulated to meet the strict requirements for incidental food contact.

he NUTRITEC range faces the same challenges as industrial lubricants and can provide the same high levels of anti-wear, cooling, oxidation, and corrosion protection.

NUTRITEC MF lubricants are based on highly refined white oils carefully blended with a multifunctional additive system. This reduces the number of different lubricants required in a food processing plant with each product having a wide range of applications.

NUTRITEC SYN MF lubricants are based on synthetic polyalphaolefins but utilise the same multifunctional additive system to simplify fluid management and reduce the amount of required stock on site.

The National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) is the most globally accepted accreditor for manufacturers and consumers in the food grade industry. The NSF evaluates and registers the chemical composition of each lubricant and its suitability to meet FDA requirements.

NSF H1 Lubricants with incidental contact.

NSF H2 Lubricants with no food contact.

NSF K1 Speciality cleaners for non-processing areas.

NUTRITEC products are certified to meet the religious requirements of Kosher and Halal.

NUTRITEC products do not contain natural products derived from animals or genetically modified organisms (GMO). They are suitable for use where vegetarian and nut-free food is prepared.