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As we enter the second half of the year I have tried to reflect on the past 18 months of trading., All I can think is WOW! What just happened. We have introduced a revolutionary polymer resin based HP 2.5 thermal inkjet cartridge in to the U.K. Market.

Also we have introduced new state of the art equipment into our range of products. Above all we have established our company and gained new and exciting customers and made great alliances with several U.K. Manufacturers

Business has been very steady and has helped the company grow at a comfortable rate. The fact is we can offer alternative inks at great prices because we manufacture our own inks, so you will be purchasing direct from source rather than a third party supplier.

Our aim is to research and develop high quality inks that require no intervention by operators. Increasing uptime, reducing cost’s and provide the best service to our customers, making any purchase a pleasurable experience.



Unlike competitor TIJ inks that require constant maintenance & wiping, POLYtij ® PERFECTA ® range of inks; Limitless Plus & Barcode inks offer significant operational and print performance advantages over all other TIJ inks available in the global market today.

With unrivaled 24 month shelf life and the best thermal inkjet adhesion qualities on the market today POLYtij ® PERFECTA ® BARCODE and POLYtij ® PERFECTA ® Limitless Plus inks offer superior printability and are first print perfect after 15min, 30min,1hour, 8hour, 24hour & 72hour shutdowns.

POLYtij ® PERFECTA ® Plus & Barcode HP thermal inkjet inks eliminate human intervention that causes factory operators to break cartridges due to the daily handling of them when removing them at the end of the workday so that they do not dry out and re-insert them the next day. Digital Ink Technologies Pty Ltd is an official HP SPST TIJ2.5 filling licensee.