EAO IO-Link Switches

New Series 84 IO-Link Touch switches are bright, configurable and EHEDG certified

The trend towards digitisation of Human Machine Interfaces in the industrial sector is leading food and drink manufactures to adopt radically new approaches to the type of machinery and process automation systems they use. At the same time, digitisation is creating an even more intensive working environment for operators of the equipment

Mindful of these requirements EAO has introduced a new family of capacitive switches that enable new generations of digital machine and process systems to be intelligently connected via an IO link controller to higher level bus systems or a programmable logic controller (PLC). Targeting new and emerging factory automation applications the new Series 84 IO-Link Touch touch-operated switches are freely configurable, bright, and jet-wash sealed to IP69K.

Manufacturers must overcome demanding challenges in order to fully digitise their machines and process lines, not least in terms of system complexity and the enormous investment required, with the globally established IO-Link communication interface and programmable connection options, the new Series 84 IO-Link Touch touch-operated  switches can be networked via an integrated M12 5-pin screw connection and can be connected via an IO-link controller to a high level bus system or PLC for industry 4.0 connectivity.

Application-specific yet highly configurable
EAO offers the new Series 84 IO-Link Touch switches in different variants either made from plastic or a stainless steel 316L EHEDG certified hygiene versions.

These versatile switches are fully sealed to IP69K and come with a selection of popular back illuminated legends like Stop, Start , Reset On/Off and feature bright programmable RGB illumination.

The configuration can be programmed via the controller to change many parameters such as the switch colour and brightness, the switch action (momentary or maintained) and the capacitive switch sensitivity to adjust for moisture levels and operation using gloved hands. The plastic 84-ASKS version and the hygienic stainless steel 84-ACKS series are available form online retailers like RS Farnell and Distrelec.

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