Learn How You Can Have High Performance and Low Power Use in One X-Ray Inspection System

Meet Your Detection Goals and Maximize ROI and OEE

From an engineering standpoint, optimizing machines for both high performance and low power use is exceptionally challenging. This white paper from Anritsu explains how you can meet both needs in one machine. It outlines how to choose an X-ray inspection system with a longer life than conventional models, and a more efficient cooling system with less power consumption that results in a reduction in lifetime costs.
Less obvious aspects of cost and performance are highlighted in this guide along with updates on recent technology advances and trending sanitation demands. These tips can help in choosing a system that not only meets detection goals but does so in a way that maximizes ROI and OEE (overall equipment effectiveness).

With over 50 years of experience and 175,000 installations globally, Anritsu’s X-Ray Systems, Checkweighers, Metal Detectors, and Combi Systems provide a superior return on investment and ensures compliance with stringent quality control programs. Equipment is engineered to detect the smallest anomalies and provide the best operational efficiencies and lowest cost of ownership. Our local branches in the US, Europe, Brazil, and Mexico are equipped with in-house service & parts dept., we deliver, install, and maintain in record time. We are the brand that is trusted to protect the safety and security of your customers.

Learn How To Maximize Performance, ROI, & OEE With Our X-Ray Inspection White Paper

Anritsu | X-Ray Detection Buyer’s Guide (anritsu-inspection.com)

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