Red Lion’s Graphical Panel Meter PM-50

Red Lion’s Graphical Panel Meter PM-50 empowers your customers to monitor their equipment and see their data like never before. This next-generation graphical panel meter not only enhances the appearance of any machine, it connects customers to the information that matters most, where and when they need it most.

Simply change out an old meter to leverage time and money-saving data collection—meaning that creating a smart plant floor has never been easier.

Smart-device connectivity frees critical data from the confines of the plant floor, enabling the remote gathering of workflow and process insights needed  to increase production throughout. Instant notifications reduce downtime by keeping your customers on top  of equipment needs. On the panel, a touchscreen interface loaded with vibrant, user-friendly graphics allows for more data with less effort. And a built-in set-up wizard and available mobile programming app means anyone  can program the meter. With PM-50, the simplicity  of a panel meter meets the power of a connected future.

PM-50 is not just a better panel meter. It’s the first device to make the power of Industry 4.0 truly accessible by anyone. Contact Red Lion today to learn more and experience the potential of your own smart factory floor.

Get Ahead of a Changing World

Our world is changing. As the automation market progresses, products will also need to change.

Understanding the scope of the change and positioning products for use in tomorrow’s market can be a challenge. What will that market look like? What will be needed? One thing is for certain: no matter what industry you are in, the future will require you to keep performing better, respond to issues faster, and do it all while driving down costs.

You may be wondering “how can a simple panel meter help me with this?” It can—when the panel meter offers more than just simplicity.

Leave the Past Behind

In the past, panel meters served as a local display for machine operators. They took input from sensors, such as speed or temperature, and provided information that is actionable. Unfortunately, a great many still only do this. The market has been basically stagnant for 25 years, with panel meters solely operating as visualization tools—simply displays. They are generally “stranded assets,” meaning they are leaving their data on the factory floor.

These days, technology is developing at a faster rate than ever before, and we are seeing the demand for connectivity and data collection rise at a rate that dwarfs anything in the past. Additionally, companies are seeking more work from fewer employees,

so improving efficiency is a very desirable asset. Serviceability will also play a role, as the products offer more advanced features. However, they will need to be simple to install, use, and service—changing needs that Red Lion has solved with our new panel meters. These are more than just meters, they will allow you to create a “smart” workspace, connecting even older technology together in a way that’s so simple it might surprise you.

Immediacy Means Efficiency

Having easy access to immediate data for efficient processes is no longer just a want, it’s practically a requirement. In order for your company to compete, you must improve reaction times to issues and demonstrate an increasingly productive work environment. For example, the PM-50 represents a new generation of panel meter. This starts with the display itself: instead of a numerical display, it’s a graphical representation of information, such as on the dashboard of your car. You can see more than just information, but what the information means, and react to it quicker. Think about your gas gauge—one glance and you know whether you’ll need to head to the gas station. It comes with multiple display options, providing operators with more data about each process, assisting in driving efficiency. The display can even change colors based on various needs so that workers can react accordingly, for example, a red panel indicating that immediate attention is required.

Set Yourself Up to Win

Panel meters should be evolving just like other automation devices, providing a clear and easy installation and upgrade path. As we mentioned earlier, this hasn’t really been the case—until now. With the PM-50, this starts at the installation of the device itself, as it was built to easily fit into where your old panel meter was. It offers multiple setup options, depending on your preference and comfort level with different applications: get started with a Setup Wizard on the meter, set up
via the Red Lion app, web browser using Wi-Fi or set up manually on the panel itself.

Once you’re up and running, the interface should remind you of devices you’ve used in the past, such as smartphones or iPads. Its intuitive nature and built-in Wi-Fi makes it easy to get data from the device to your smart device using the Red Lion app It also offers wired connectivity via Ethernet and Modbus. In addition, it offers wireless communication via Wi-Fi, meaning you won’t have to run additional wires to connect devices.

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