MAK CHEM International launches NSF Registered Cleaners & Degreasers to UK Market

A&S International is pleased to announce that its own private label range of MAK CHEM Maintenance Chemicals includes a number of NSF registered Cleaners & Degreasers for the UK food & beverage industries.


MAK CHEM’s best-selling product MAK REX Extra Heavy Duty Degreaser (MC909) is an NSF A1 registered highly concentrated alkaline detergent developed for intensive cleaning in various industrial environments. This water-based detergent will remove all types of animal, plant or mineral substances from any non-absorbent surface as well as inorganic particles, combustion deposits & liquid inks. Mix ratios from 1:5 for heavy pollution up to 1:50 for general cleaning are possible.


The range includes two NSF K1 registered cleaners:

MAK SOLVEX Solvent Degreaser (MC616) does not corrode or contain any toxic substances, but due to its special formulation, it is completely safe for metal, galvanised surfaces and plastic parts. Specifically designed for use in solvent hand wash & industrial washing tables/machines.

MAK CLEANEX Food Industrial Cleaner/Degreaser (MC808) is a unique strong degreasing agent applied via aerosol (650 ml) which degreases as well as cleans in one step.

It is ideal for use in food processing plants & contains no hazardous substances such as Ketones & N-Hexanes. With fast evaporation it is totally safe to use as well as biodegradable.

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