Kingspan Barrier Protection System opens new doors for ASG Services

ASG Services has been supplying physical barriers, line marking, safety signage and labelling to UK warehouse operators as part of its core services for 25 years. By working in close collaboration with its customers, ASG Services helps them to understand which safety solutions are best for their needs.

The company’s appointment as a registered partner for the supply of the Kingspan SafeDefence Protection System has helped propel it to a new level and has succeeded in opening the door to many new markets, chief amongst them the frozen food and cold storage sector.

ASG Services can now supply complete safety solutions to the cold storage sector. In addition to the Kingspan SafeDefence Barrier Protection System, the company can also supply solutions such as its SilverBack™ racking labels and UV line marking – both of which are designed to operate in chilled environments.

Chris Hopkirk, Sales Director, ASG Services said: “Having such a strong addition to our product portfolio as Kingspan SafeDefence is opening doors for us in markets where we previously had little presence.

“We have designed our solutions to minimise any downtime. In chilled environments, our instant floor coatings bring the evolutionary benefits of UV technology to the warehouse floor, delivering an immediate cure that allows operators to return to normal operations– even heavy fork lift traffic – in just hours instead of days.

“The benefits of this are that the coatings dry instantly, have zero Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) making them ideal for food environments. They are skid and tyre-mark resistant, chemical and stain-resistant, guaranteed non-flammable and can be applied in chillers or freezers with temperatures as low as -26°C.”

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