Case Study: Increase food and employee safety with reliable and 100% safe pipe markers

Woodlands Dairy needed a quality pipe marking and identification solution that does not fade when exposed to heat, cold and liquids. Above all, the solution should be free of any toxins and fully comply with food safety legislation. Read the full story to find out how Brady Corporation solved the challenge at Woodlands Dairy.

Solutions: Compliant pipe markers and signs that stay attached and remain legible

Brady visited Woodlands Dairy several times to meet with senior management on how identification solutions could optimise food safety, workplace safety and operational efficiency.

Pipe marking appeared essential for workplace safety because it can quickly unveil any risks associated with a pipe’s hidden contents. Brady proposed its custom developed pipe-marking materials for food & beverage industries that comply with hygiene and safety requirements in food safety legislation. They are made out of non-toxic materials that stay firmly attached to pipes that are exposed to heat, cold and liquids. Their print and colour code immediately informs employees where it matters about potential risks, urges to wear the proper protection and to take relevant precautions before opening a valve for example.

A section of the site was being updated and Woodlands Dairy decided to immediately implement floor marking. Floor marking helps create a highly visual workplace which offers increased efficiency and safety. Brady offered its highly reliable ToughStripe Floor Marking Tape. The tape can resist heavy foot and light vehicle traffic, does not need time to dry, and, unlike paint, does not release any chemicals or fumes that could threaten food production.

Woodlands Dairy also uses compact, hand-held BMP21-PLUS Label Printers from Brady to support ongoing safety and efficiency identification in the facility. The BMP21-PLUS is ideal for cable & component identification, including switches and fuses in electrical panels. A clear, reliable label quickly shows which circuit each fuse controls, and it leaves little room for error. Brady selected B-595 vinyl labels together with Woodlands Dairy. B-595 is a great all-round identification label with good adhesion to steel, powder coated metal, textured surfaces, polypropylene and glass. Exposed cables are identified with stainless steel tags and cable ties for ultra longevity and additional food safety. Stainless steel tags that would get into any food supply are easily picked up by metal detectors.

Results: Optimised food safety, workplace safety and efficiency

Woodlands Dairy has optimised food safety, workplace safety and efficiency by sharing vital information where it matters with clear and reliable signs, labels and pipe markers. “This is a really good product”, said Theo Oosthuizen, senior technician at Woodlands Dairy. “We have used other pipe markings in the past, but inevitably they faded. I would definitely recommend using Brady products again in future.”

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