Environmental Science Group Limited (ESG) Introduces Palm Tree Ethanol

For four decades, ethanol has been the fastest growing renewable fuel on the planet. It is an essential energy product. Particularly since 2020, among its multiple uses, many ethanol production plants provide high grade ethanol for hand sanitisers and disinfectants.

As part of its growth strategy, and as a result of extensive R&D, ESG has added to its products portfolio a high-grade ethanol containing more than 95%alcohol content. Ethanol is an essential ingredient used in consumer products including alcoholic beverages, personal care products, hand sanitisers, cleaners and pharmaceuticals.

ESG based in March, Cambridgeshire is pleased to launch a new product line under its brand name “Palm Tree”. This is a premium-quality alcohol which is naturally sourced primarily for the pharmaceutical and medical/healthcare industries. This places Palm Tree ethanol among the most environmentally friendly premium grade alcohol products on the market.

Palm Tree ethanol is available in container sizes ranging from 100ml to 250L.Delivery of the ethanol can be completed within 72 hours of receiving an order and full payment.

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Palm Tree Ethanol (Ethyl Alcohol) – Environmental Science Group or ESG (envsciencegroup.com)

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