Elevate your R&D with PatBase, the Global Patent Search and Analysis Solution

Patents contain a treasure trove of technical information that will never be published in scientific journals or other literature. Patents are also a valuable source of competitor R&D results, unavailable anywhere else. This makes patent search solutions tremendously valuable for R&D professionals to find details of existing inventions and innovation in any field or industry.

PatBase is Minesoft’s user-friendly international patent search engine that simplifies searching, reviewing, saving, sharing and analysing patent documents.

Simply enter any keywords of interest in any of the available search forms or enter a name of a competitor to see their whole portfolio in mere seconds! Drill down into patent data using the handy tools available including the Legal Information Browser to open a visual overview of the legal protection of an invention, or the Citation Explorer to see which companies are referencing your invention in their patents.

The European Patent Office estimates that “30% of all R&D spending is wasted on redeveloping existing solutions.” Avoid wasting any more time, effort and money on reinventing solutions by starting your R&D projects with some preliminary patent research. Using a patent search platform, like PatBase, you can quickly discover if there are other players in the field with existing solutions or where there is untapped whitespace waiting for you to jump in and develop an original solution.

PatBase Analytics, the powerful integrated analytics tool, generates easy to understand trend charts based on any set of patent documents so you can quickly identify key players, technologies, or jurisdictions based on your search! See only what is relevant by optimising your search each step along the way using the filtering options and clickable charts to dive deeper into the data.

All of the data available in PatBase can be shared with your colleagues -even if they aren’t a PatBase subscriber themselves! PatBase does not limit the sharing of vital information with your team. The fully web-based platform simplifies sharing data via links or as exported files in various file formats. Collaborate on your research and share your wealth of knowledge!

Prepare for your next project by starting your patent search on PatBase. Try it for yourself by visiting https://minesoft.com/our-products/patbase/ to register for a commitment-free two-week free trial!