ZERO Technology – the tools for easy breakable PET multipacks

Consumers’ expectations and regulations change, and manufacturers are confronted with a growing demand for more environmentally friendly and more sustainable packaging.

From hygienic product protection to communication with the customer – packaging must fulfil a wide range of functions. This includes the packaging design, product protection, ease of use, optimal logistics, customer information and brand ambassador, but also to guarantee the shelf life of the product, however the packaging must also be sustainable. Functionality and sustainability are on the same level in packaging development. These functions have to be taken into consideration when developing alternative packaging concepts with sustainable materials such as mono-materials as well as materials from renewable resources.

Our technological solutions enable the plastic packaging to become lighter and lighter over the years – even with the same or better packaging performance or rigidity.

With the patented tools of the ZERO Technology range we offer the perfect solution for the use of mono-materials such as PET, PP and PLA which are perfectly adaptable to the FFS machines of our brands Erca, Hassia, and Intecma (as well as machinery from other suppliers). Their use reduces maintenance costs, increases the performance of the machine and have a longer punching time. By using the tools from ZERO Technology, a quick switch from PS (Polysterene) to more recyclable materials such as PET, PP and PLA can be realized.

E.g. with the innovative cutting tools, end users can handle the multipacks as with PS multipacks and simply break them into individual cups.

Since breaking into individual cups has not yet been possible, the switch from PS to PET, PP and PLA has not yet been implemented. With these new cutting tools from INTECMA multipacks made from these materials can be broken as easily as multipacks made from PS.Our service teams at Erca, Hassia and Intecma are at your disposal to give you further information about ZERO Technology. The tools can also be integrated into form, fill & seal machines from other suppliers.

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