Guaranteed Delivery – Another Industry First for Apex Dynamics

The ongoing disruptions to manufacturing and engineering businesses arising from the CV19 pandemic issues and post – Brexit difficulties with engineering component supplies are putting huge strains on supply chains for processing and automation machinery manufacturing and repair.

At Apex Dynamics we are able to offer our customers complete isolation from any of these problems in the supply of servo gearboxes and other automation system components by offering Guaranteed Delivery.

  • So what do we mean by “Guaranteed Delivery”?
  • Quite simply we mean – On Time Delivery or its FREE
  • Not Free Delivery charges – FREE PRODUCT if we are late on what we acknowledged as the delivery date !

Our normal delivery times are 2 to 3 weeks for standard products, which are industry – leading times in themselves. This coupled with our unrivalled 5-year warranty means that our customers can have the utmost confidence in placing their servo gearbox business with us.

Now as a demonstration of our confidence in our ability to reliably meet customer expectations and our delivery commitments to customers, we are backing this with a guarantee never before seen in our industry

Why are we doing this and why is this a Big Deal?

With 100,000 gearboxes manufactured for stock and ready for final configuration, Apex Dynamics is in a commanding position to deliver in two to three weeks on all of its range of planetary and spiral bevel gearboxes. Competitor delivery times are typically 8 to 16 weeks at present.

Along with our unique five-year warranty on all products, this makes Apex Dynamics a very reliable and trusted partner for machine builder’s needs

New products launched recently include a fully stainless – steel gearbox range and an AGV drive gearbox range specifically for robotic – type applications

We have a full range of planetary and other servo gearboxes with drop-in replacements for most competitor’s models and the widest range of gearbox ratios from any major supplier.

This makes it easy for customers to substitute models they may be currently using without design changes.

Companies that need the types of precision servo products we manufacture can be 100 per cent confident that we can supply what they need, reducing any risk to their own production capabilities.

If your business buys servo gearboxes without these benefits, we invite you to try us out and see how these benefits can work for you. We’re ready to help you move forward from supply chain issues or concerns you may be having in these uncertain times – guaranteed !

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If you have any kind of question, please contact us to help us deliver your servo gearbox requirements for both new and existing applications – we have many suitable drop-in replacements and the largest range of ratios available