Are you ready for digital food traceability?

The need for digital food track and traceability is just around the corner: this will mean automatic performance testing, real-time logging of test and compliance data and full support for batch changeovers. Security across firewalls is key to this to help prepare for the future data-protective Blockchain technology.

How can you achieve digital transformation?

ProdX™ 2.4, a product inspection management software by Mettler-Toledo, has been developed to:

  • Provide additional security by encrypting machine-to-machine communications and much more.
  • Automatically log performance test data to fulfil future food safety regulations.
  • Seamlessly trace individual products via the unique serial number.
  • Deliver a fail-safe testing regime for product inspection, ensuring due diligence and compliant performance.

It can help you achieve digital transformation irrespective of what products you produce, where you are located and the size of your operation.

Why act now to transition to full digital transformation?

We are all aware that we have to move from manual track and trace to digital. Legislators and retailers are starting to insist on digital transparency in the food supply chain. However, the fear stopping manufacturers from acting includes the cost element, complexity plus the potential upheaval to existing production processes. But there is no need for digital transformation to be complex, expensive or confusing – and if it is, you are not speaking to the right people.

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