Shining a light on innovative solutions to energy-efficency

Suresense Technologies Ltd has been offering uniquely innovative energysaving solutions to the food industry for the last decade. Being a UK manufacturer, Suresense owns all its intellectual property thus the products on offer cannot be acquired anywhere else.

Suresense produces all its own highly intelligent LED high bay, low level lighting and is the world leader in fixed speed variable load energy saving motor controllers. Fixed speed energy saving being the key words here, most companies do not realise that there is another option other than a variable speed drive to save energy on electric motors.

The ‘Eluma’ LED lighting comes with a very attractive 10 year warrantee and is designed to optimise every LUX per watt delivered. In simple terms this means massive savings, typically in the region of 85% – 90%. The operational benefits also cannot be overlooked, in a production environment where down time is money, not having to worry about your lighting for the next decade or more, is a huge benefit. Usually, there is always a relationship between maintenance and energy-saving, here customers get a double-whammy. Statistically purchasing cheap LED’s will always end in time and money being wasted, and unnecessary problems created by failures. One failure can cost up to £500 to correct.

The ‘Integra’ unit offers a soft start which has mechanical and electrical benefits and energy-saving when the motor is up to speed, particularly useful on granulators or shredders which are usually left on for long periods of time without actually being used. The Integra unit also has the option built in to automatically switch motors off when not in use. Typically in these cases, the end user enjoys a massive 70% – 80% saving.

The ‘Atmos’ sensor which can be used as a standalone sensor is built into every ‘Eluma’ unit and is the brain behind achieving huge energy savings. The Atmos works on RF (Radio Frequency), the main benefit of this is data transfer, lights can be set individually or as a group. The advantage of setting lights in groups is uniformity – all lights react to environmental changes without interfering with one another. The Suresense R&D engineers that have developed the Atmos sensor (and all the Suresense products for that matter) have uncharacteristically, a huge amount of practical experience. This results in the products being designed around real-life scenarios.

Although Suresense produces its own products, it is more about providing a solution to a problem – in this case, energy. Suresense offers its customers a free survey to establish what can be achieved and also delivers a report which is targeted at ‘decision makers’, giving them all the information they need to make an informed decision to implement the technologies. All Suresense products are designed to deliver a return on money invested in any given project.

Suresense sees its projects through to the end and its practical approach to lighting designs are always appreciated by its customers. It prides itself on the ‘personal touch’.

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