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Manual boot wash stations, like the ones we supply at Stainless Steel Manufacturing & Equipment, are great for small to mediumsized processing areas and plants.

Our manual boot washer can be used for all types of footwear worn in production areas and is often used on entry and exit to prevent employees from walking debris into changing rooms and corridors.

Available in 1-4 stations, the manual boot washer comes with a high-density nylon base brush for scrubbing the soles of shoes and includes a convenient, water-fed, handheld boot brush that enables you to clean the top and sides of your boots and shoes.

How to use the Manual Boot Washer: To activate the manual boot washer, you simply place your foot on the base brushes within the trough, which actuates a valve mounted on the underside of the boot washer. Water the flows through the hose brush and enables you to effectively clean the boot from all angles– ensuring all dirt is removed.

Investing in a manual boot wash station will ensure your employees perform the necessary washing and disinfecting steps required for hygiene regulations.










We supply the Lazy Susan Turntable, which is a Stainless Steel Turntable, to meet and exceed the requirements of all industries. We aim to satisfy even the most diverse demands, including those based in the food, drink, pharmaceuticals, packaging and production industry, ensuring that all equipment is manufactured to the highest quality and made to last.

The Stainless Steel Turntable is just one of the products that we are proud to supply at SSME and is available in various sizes.

A turntable that’s made from stainless steel is a cost-efficient investment to make, especially if you’re looking to maximise the efficiency of production.

We supply the Stainless Steel Turntable in a range of sizes to make it easier for you to find products that will fit perfectly within your industrial setting. When it comes to accumulating products evenly, you cannot go wrong with the Stainless Steel Turntable- it’s specifically designed to bring work closer to the user.






The modular belt conveyor offers a reliable versatile solution to many conveying applications. The modular belt conveyor introduces a flexible conveying solution that can, due to the nature of the belt itself, convey products through inclined as well as horizontal and helical paths. Space and loads permitting, 90 and 180 degree turns enable products to be conveyed on winding routes through production areas.


Description: Our Atomiser Sanitising Conveyors have been designed for the sanitization of the outer surfaces of various products being transferred between low and high care areas. A huge variety of products can be transported through the Sanitising Conveyor, such as boxed or bagged food ingredients like vegetables, sauces, coatings, blocks of cheese, the list is endless

Operation: The solution tank is automatically filled with a pre-dosed mixture of water and sanitiser using a Dosatron water powered dosing pump. When a product is placed on the in-feed roller conveyor a sensor gives a signal to the control panel and the conveyor belt will start. Then using compressed air the mixture is then supplied to five atomiser nozzles which are positioned above and below the conveyor belt. These produce a mist within the tunnel giving total coverage of all surfaces of the products that are conveyed through the tunnel. The control panel has a built in inverter which allows you to control the speed of the belt and ensures that a wide range of products can be safely passed through the system ensuring that hygiene routines can be carried out quickly and reliably. Atomising sanitization is very efficient as each nozzle only uses .8 litres of solution per hour and with the integral gravity recirculation system the use of solution is kept to a minimum and your products will not come out of the tunnel dripping with water.

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