Precise data monitoring in tough conditions

With the RTR-500 series, T&D Corporation presents a wireless data logging system adaptable to individual needs. The versatile wireless devices are perfectly suited to the requirements of the food and pharmaceutical sectors, cold storage, construction sites and public buildings. They enable the supervision of difficult to access places, both indoors and out. T&D also provides accompanying software applications for reliable results, and the continuous availability of measurement results.

Networked data logger systems simplify procedures and allow error-free access to measured data at any time, and from any location. T&D’s RTR-500 series is ideally suited to large areas, storage facilities for chilled and frozen food, and temperature management during the transportation of pharmaceuticals, food and precision equipment. The data loggers of the RTR-500 family support users who need a wireless logging option with maximum flexibility. They monitor temperature, humidity, mA, voltage, pulse, UV, illuminance and CO2 via WLAN, LAN, GSM or USB.

The RTR-507S captures temperatures from -25 to 70° C and humidity from 0 to 99% RH. The recording interval is selectable for up to 15 choices, in time spans from 1 second to 60 minutes. The compact data logger is also splashproof (IP64 standard). With its wireless radio communication capabilities, it is perfect for applications where temperature and humidity at various measurement points have to be managed simultaneously, such as in temperature-controlled storage facilities like libraries and warehouses.

Another logger from the RTR-500 series is the RTR-501. It has a rugged design and internal sensors that can be used in environments with temperatures of -40°C to +80°C, and has an IP67 waterproof rating. The RTR-501 also provides a wireless radio communication range with compatible base units of up to 150 metres, which can be expanded further with repeaters. Monitored data can be transmitted via a base unit, and automatically uploaded to T&D’s free cloud storage. The RTR-501 is EN12830-compliant and therefore suitable for use in the transport, storage and distribution of temperature-sensitive products. The large battery L model has an even longer battery life and can be used for up to four years.

The RTR-500 series allows the user to mix and match an array of loggers with various base units or data collectors, in order to meet individual needs.

With the free Cloud T&D WebStorage Service, the RTR-500 series find its perfect companion. It enables unlimited access to data view as current readings, recorded data, battery levels and radio signal strength, alert view as alert log, watchdog log, in easy-to-read graphs or tables. The ID and password as read only access is also available and, to avoid an overload, oldest records will be automatically zipped before the storage capacity is reached. Several complementary and free apps and software applications also contribute to easy, all-round supervision and monitoring.

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