Herga Technology‘s 6256 modular multi-function industrial footswitch range now expanded

Herga Technology‘s 6256 modular multi-function industrial footswitch range now expanded with even more extensive choice of options and accessories

Originally launched around a year ago and designed to tackle the extreme durability and reliability required for operator-controlled electrical switching and control tasks for industrial machinery, Herga’s 6256 series heavy-duty footswitch series is now equipped with many additional and simply adapted accessories and options. The economically priced range is now expanded with further switching options and includes an emergency stop version, extended base plates for increased stability, pole & handle attachments for portability and ease of operation, and a rear pedal lock lever prevents footswitch operation when depressed. With its combination of style, ergonomics and modular flexibility the 6256 series has impressed plant & equipment OEMs and industrial machine builders for applications ranging from metal forming and stamping, welding equipment, laser machining, operator-controlled assembly machinery, hydraulic press and more.

Available with medium and high load AC and DC current/voltage switching to 25 Amps, and with slow & snap or make & break options, the modular design brings the toughness and durability of high-impact injection moulded ABS with the simplicity of single switch use or practically unlimited multiple footswitch expansion through an interlocking multipedal base-link kit. In addition to electrical switching versions, a potentiometer equipped option offers variable control and air-switched pneumatic version is now available.

An optional snap-on protective guard accommodates safety shoe use and an IP67 sealing kit is available to meet washdown and wet environmental use to EN 60529. The standard version has a working temperature range of -20 °C to +80 °C and the working life of the 6256 is more than ten million electrical operations. The modularity built into the design allows retrofitting of its accessories and options – so there is no need to replace complete units when modifying or upgrading customer’s machine controls.

The 6256 series proves its muscle through an updated presentation video that redoubles the convincing demonstration in last year’s launch video which compared the 6256’s superior resilience against competitive plastic models. Now, the new screening compares its protective qualities against steel guarded footswitches in a one-metre drop test with a 20 kg weight for a compelling illustration of the strength and unrivalled durability the range offers.

The 6256 series’ innovative design features easy access to the large wiring compartment with screw-terminal connection and an integral self-lifting clamp arrangement to ensure dependable installation. A selection of cable kits are also available for multipedal installations.

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