EIT International Industry Leader In Surface Integrity & Crack Detection Equipment For Regulated Processing Industries

EIT International is one of foremost suppliers of preventative controls and detection systems to the regulated food, brewery, nutrition, pharmaceutical and petrochemical industries.

Originally established as Easytesters Ltd. in 2007 and acquired into the group of companies owned by PE487 Ltd. in December 2019, EIT International is headquartered in Winchester, UK with regional offices in Ireland, France, Spain, Mexico, and North America.

Many of the world’s leading companies are currently utilising the EIT International products for an environmentally friendly and non-intrusive approach to GMP, quality adherence and legislative compliance by employing our biofilm and bacteria scanners, crack detection scanners, heat exchanger integrity qualification and pasteurisation residence and flow validation systems as an integral part of their in-house maintenance & servicing schedules. Among the most popular products in GMP facilities for production vessels and storage tanks in particular, is the Magnerscan™

Superior Technology Providing Peace of Mind

EIT International’s Magnerscan™ is a non- invasive testing system that uses ground-breaking technology to provide the fastest and most accurate surface integrity and crack detection results in the market.  Although pre-dominantly used in food processing vessels and storage tanks, the Magnerscan™ is designed specifically for detecting cracks and other surface imperfections that might compromise storage vessels and tanks or the products held within which can be costly or, worse harbour contaminants that lead to product recalls or cause significant health risks to end users.

Facility Managers can proactively combat and alleviate these risks by using the Magnerscan™ electronic surface integrity detection system as a standard part of their health & Safety compliance and regular maintenance and servicing. The system utilises an array of close-contact inline sensors which are far superior to eddy current testing (ECT) and dye penetrant inspection (DPI) as it is environmentally friendly and does not require pre-test preparation.

EIT International’s technology facilitates improved performance and environmental efficiency, delivering a realistic ROI in a fast turnaround timeframe.

Environmentally Friendly

At EIT International, the environmental impact of our products and corporate social responsibility (CSR) is of the upmost importance for both our teams, for our customers and ultimately the end user. We understand that this is a rapidly changing and evolving world, our products, as well as our decision making adheres to environmental legislation and CSR standards at the highest level.

Talk to us about our success in reducing down-time for preventative maintenance programmes for our global client base and helping to eliminate expensive market recall through proven technical expertise.

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