AI vision system IDS NXT ocean: suitable for industrial use and easy to operate

Artificial intelligence opens up new fields of application for camera technology and image processing. It can be
used, for example, to classify fruit varieties or to identify damaged parts (e.g. apples with marks or colour deviations).
To cover all possible variances with classical image processing would be very time-consuming and costly. With
artificial intelligence, however, these challenges can be solved in no time at all. With IDS NXT ocean, there is now
a user-friendly complete solution for industrial applications available. Camera hardware, software, infrastructure
and support come from a single company: IDS. Users only need sample images and knowledge on how to evaluate
them (e.g. “good” / “bad”) to create a neural network. This makes the start into AI-based image processing
particularly easy.

Train neural networks without prior knowledge
With the help of the IDS NXT lighthouse cloud software, even non-experts without prior knowledge of artificial
intelligence or camera programming can train an AI classifier with their own image data. Since it is a web application,
all functions and the necessary infrastructure for creating the neural network are immediately available. This means
that users do not have to set up their own development environment first, but can start training their own neural
network right away. This involves three basic steps: To upload sample images, to label the images and then to start
the fully automatic training. The generated network can then be executed directly on the IDS NXT industrial
cameras, turning them into powerful inference cameras.

Inference cameras for industrial use
An inference camera can apply the “knowledge” acquired through deep learning to new data. This makes it possible
to automatically solve tasks that would either not be possible with rule-based image processing, or would require
great effort. Since IDS NXT industrial cameras have a special AI core, neural networks are hardware-accelerated
and run directly on the devices – enabling inference times of just a few milliseconds. With features such as C-mount,
robust housing, GigE network connection with RJ45 or M12 connectors, RS232 interface and REST web interface,
they are also fully-fledged industrial cameras. The IDS NXT rio and rome models are now available as serial
cameras with different sensors and protection classes.

Get started with the Design-In Kit
IDS also offers an IDS NXT ocean design-in kit which is particularly useful for anyone who wants to test the potential
of AI for individual vision tasks. It provides all the components a user needs to create, train and run a neural network
in his productive environment. In addition to an IDS NXT industrial camera with 1.6 MP Sony sensor, lens and cable,
the package includes six months of access to the AI training software. The use of deep learning-based image
processing for individual applications can thus be realized in a short time.

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IDS NXT ocean: User-friendly all-in-one AI vision system for industrial use


IDS NXT industrial camera with powerful AI core


IDS NXT ocean Design-In Kit