WEICON Solutions for the Food, Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Industry

Pressure Vacuum Level, stock a comprehensive range of adhesives, sealants, technical sprays as well as high-performance assembly pastes and greases for all areas of your industry. PVL Ltd is an official WEICON Distributor for the UK and Northern Ireland.

The WEICON Factory in Germany has over many years of production, created a range of products with Approval Certifications for – NSF, ISEGA, BAM, WRAS and LFGB, making them ideally suitable for the Food, Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Industries.

PVL’s experienced team of qualified sales engineers are ready to discuss your needs and your applications no matter how tricky or complex. They are at your call to help you decide which product is most likely to meet your requirements and to solve your problem.

Our Range Consists of:

WEICONLOCK – Anaerobic Adhesives and Sealants

A range of Adhesives and Sealants specifically designed for economical thread locking, retaining and sealing of threaded, cylindrical and pipe assemblies – NSF, DVGW, and WRAS approved.

Thread Sealing Cord – DF175 

A patented thread sealing cord made of 100% PTFE that seals almost all metal and plastic threads permanently and safely – WRAS approved.

Cyanoacrylate Adhesives 

A range of cold-curing 1-component adhesives, free of solvents. They bond within seconds to almost all materials such a metals, glass, wood, plastics, ceramics, leather and rubber – ISEGA, LFGB and NSF approved.

Anti-Seize – Assembly Pastes 

A range of pastes that provides protection against corrosion, seizure, wear, stick-slip, oxidation and fretting corrosion, and electrolytic reactions – NSF approved.

Elastic Adhesives and Sealants 

A range of elastic adhesives and sealants that combine the advantages of adhesive bonding and sealing technology, and are used wherever the elasticity and the sealing of a joint are the most important requirements – ISEGA and LFGB approved.

Repair Sticks 

A range of repair sticks for multiple materials; stainless steel, steel, copper, plastic, wood, concrete, multi-purpose, aluminium and titanium. The easy solution for all repair and maintenance work – NSF approved.

Technical Sprays and Liquids 

A range of sprays used for the care and protection of surfaces. For cleaning and degreasing, lubricating, releasing and separating, and are an essential part of the daily cleaning procedure – NSF approved.

To discuss your requirements and application, please contact our sales team on:

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