New, or refurbished process equipment…….that is the question.

Our company has been supplying new and refurbished process equipment for 3 decades into many industries, all of which prefer to use exotic steels, 316L Stainless Steel or higher grade Super Duplex, some even corrosion resistant coatings like Halar, PFA, and Vulcanite Rubber.

We have seen over the years how older refurbished equipment can outlast newly purchased machines, mainly due to the older machines being ‘over-engineered’ which was the norm back then, where as now you will find that some machines are made to last the guarantee, and then it’s a wait and see time.

We offer fully guaranteed refurbished equipment for many processes, and in many materials or coatings. As you will know there are items that you just don’t refurbish, namely the control system, obsolete items, and parts made of inferior material where there is a much better alternative. These parts, in our refurbishment program are replaced with at least the equivalent, or where possible a better component or better material following consultation with the end user.

Our company can offer equipment for the food and brewery industry, effluent and wastewater treatment plants, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, offering ‘turnkey projects’ working closely with project engineers, engineers, directors, and just as important, the people who will be operating the equipment.

If you are looking for any type of Filtration or Separation equipment, or would like to discuss any future projects please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Our equipment includes:

Filter Presses: Chamber, Plate & Frame, or Membrane.

Belt Presses:   for use in a continuous process filtration.

Centrifuges:    Decanter, Tricanter, Perforated Basket, Solid Basket, Bottom Discharge or Top Bag Discharge, Disc Stack Centrifuges.

Screw Press:   Compaction dewatering, moving disc / plate filtration.

DAF System:   Dissolved Air Floatation Systems for effluent and wastewater treatment.

Nutsche Filter: These are predominately in the Chemical and Pharmaceutical industries offering pressurized filtration and product drying all in the one piece of equipment.

Mixers:            Vessel Mixer, agitator mixing, Ribbon blenders, single and double cone mixing and drying.

Screens:          Vibrating screens, Shaker screens,

Filters:             Single-bag and Multi-Bag filters in most materials of construction, self-cleaning filters.

Electro & Mechanical Polish Stainless Steel 2-way Valve:

As well as supplying new and refurbished equipment, we like to be able to offer a full ‘plug and play’ package for our customers.

We can offer PTFE diaphragm valves which use a robust two piece leaf type diaphragm, the design uses a wetted PTFE face and is backed by a rubber (EPDM) diaphragm. These can be either pneumatic operation or manual, and have either electrical or just visual feedback.

The wetted face is 100% virgin PTFE which is inert and unaffected by many media, which full traceability of the diaphragm.

These valves are US FDA compliant, and carry a Certificate of Conformity for The American Food & Drug Administration (FDA).


USP, REACH 1907/2006/EC, RoHS 2011/65/EU, TUV Nord, CE, ISO 10993, EU No. 10/2011, complies with LFGB requirements.

New Stainless Steel valves we can offer:

  • Zero Dead Leg Valve
  • Tank Bottom Valve
  • Multi-port Valve
  • Flush Mounted Sampling Valve
  • Angle Seat Valve
  • Butterfly Valve
  • Back Pressure Control valve
  • Flow Diverter Valve
  • Rotary Spray Ball

We have our sales and technical team waiting to receive your calls for any of the above services, or enquiries for New or refurbished equipment, or just for general information.

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