WES Ltd launches definitive water industry guide to chemical bunding

Chemical dosing specialist, WES Ltd, has published an in-depth white paper explaining the necessity for chemical bunds, examining the choices available and highlights the responsibilities of businesses toward their provision and maintenance.


The white paper from WES ltd, The definitive guide to chemical bunding in the water industry, focuses specifically on chemical storage bunds in the water industry.


A chemical storage bund can be described simply as a structure which underlies and forms a wall around an area containing hazardous chemicals or liquids. Its purpose is to provide secondary containment in the event of a leak. It prevents the spread of leaking liquids and so gives operators time to find and remedy a leak’s cause. Bunds are needed for storage tanks, IBCs (intermediate bulk containers) and stored drums.


If a chemical container bursts very suddenly, it may have immediate effects on surrounding structures, environments and personnel. Often leakage events are more gradual, with impacts taking longer to appear. Either way, without a bund to contain it, the leaked chemical may cause devastation when it reaches a river, stream or other natural habitat.


Any company allowing such pollution will be held responsible for the resulting fish kill, environmental destruction and hazards to the human population. This is a type of disaster may also be extremely expensive in terms of fines, enforcement undertakings, remedial works and other costs.


Kevin Wheeler, Managing Director, WES Ltd, explains: “This is a must-read for engineers and contractors operating in the water industry. It delves into the different bund categories, the rules around chemical bunding, bund protection from rain and deposition and both monitoring and maintenance. It goes onto explain how a water company can bund with confidence and concludes with advice on how to achieve certainty with respect to bund selection.”


The definitive guide to chemical bunding in the water industry is available to download here.

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