Modular Double Tube Heat Exchangers

Australian Heat Transfer innovators Teralba Industries, have further developed their range of Dimplelfo Modular Double Tube Heat Exchangers for the food packaging industry.

The Dimplelfo Modular Double Tube Heat Exchanger features double tube modules (sometimes called tube-in-tube modules), which can be 1m through to 12m long and Ø25mm to Ø200mm diameter. Depending on the duty required and heating/cooling media available, the double tube modules can be configured as free-standing units, wall-mounted or even as a jacketed line between the production area and the filling/packaging line.

The modular design allows for maximum versatility as each double pipe heat exchanger module can be disassembled and re-configured to handle new product lines or varying heat transfer duties. Dimplelfo Heat Exchangers have been proven in hundreds of applications for heating or cooling food products and slurries containing chunks or particulates – efficiently and without blocking. This includes products containing fruit pieces, pasta or vegetable dices.

With a highly qualified and experienced design and installation team, Teralba can supply double tube heat exchangers with a positive displacement piston pump, specifically designed for products containing large pieces. Temperature control systems of varying automation can be incorporated to meet most budgets.

The attached photo shows a Dimpleflo Modular Heat Exchanger with the optional mobile kit, for the ultimate in versatility.

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