25 years of research and innovation T&D Corporation marks anniversary of pioneering data logger solutions

Matsumoto (Japan), September 2019 – T&D Corporation, the Japanese market leader for data loggers, celebrates 25 years of research and innovation in advanced data logger solutions: In 1994, the company launched the first compact, PC-compatible temperature data logger on the market. Its huge success led the company to become the market leader for intelligent data logger systems. For customers, this meant simple and error-free data management for the very first time, regardless of time and place. With a portfolio of wired and wireless loggers, communication and data capture devices, cloud, software and services, the global company has been a leader in developing customized solutions for 25 years.

To mark the 25th anniversary of T&D’s innovative data loggers, the company is this year launching the TR-7wb series of WiFi loggers with enhanced Bluetooth feature: Thanks to the Bluetooth function, the new models promise a better connection between data loggers and mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, thus simplifying data handling.

Thanks to the simple handling of T&D devices, uncomplicated and efficient protection of various goods and processes is guaranteed. The TR-7wb series is ideal for temperature and humidity monitoring, and for users requiring a wide range of measurement tasks. Precision, variety and flexibility make the loggers the perfect partner for industrial and public applications. For users who need powerful wireless data management, the RTR-500 series consists of 13 types of loggers that can monitor different parameters. In contrast, the individual Bluetooth data logger TR4 series devices are equipped with temperature sensor types and are detected and automatically updated within the communication zone without prior registration. The MCR-4 series with temperature and voltage measurements is ideal for monitoring industrial plants or production areas. MCR-4V ensures perfect monitoring through signal acquisition from pyrometers, anemometers and CO2 sensors as well.

Thanks to T&D’s free of charge WebStorage Service, administrators never again have to deal with acquisition, furnishing or maintenance issues. The cloud enables data management independent of time and location. Measured values are stored on a central server. With over ten years of experience, the company guarantees simple and secure monitoring.

Minoru Ito, head of the European sales office, says of the company’s anniversary: “Even though technology is changing rapidly in today’s age, T&D never loses sight of its goal and the demands placed on its own research work, namely to always meet the requirements of customers worldwide and in a timely manner with individual solutions.”

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